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Pat Mulligan Wedding Host Training Services

Getting the most out of YOUR business

I became a wedding host in 2015. To say that it changed my career would be a minor understatement. The financial security, travel and time opportunities it has afforded my family and I is something for which I am extremely grateful.

My wedding career started much later than most. I had been a club and radio DJ for 25 years, whilst also holding down a wide array of jobs in the AV sector. As thing almost came to a complete stall, I was offered higher education as part of my organisation's exit strategy. Whilst in full time education I tried (and pretty much failed) to set up my own mobile DJ company. It was a thoroughly underwhelming and low paid experience. Not long after I qualified as a therapist. By chance I bumped into an old industry friend, Mark Walsh, who had set up a very high end multi-op called Dancefloor Couture. Completely blown away by the professionalism and approach, I joined their resident DJ team. Over the years I rose to become a Wedding Host and DJ Manager, before finally leaving to set up on my own in 2018. My business has grown year on year since.


I am very passionate about our industry. It's something that drives me to help others to push themselves to create a better opportunity for us all. 


Wedding Host Training

One to One training - Location Thornton Bradford

This is my preferred option, you travel to my office in beautiful Bronte country and we spend the whole day discussing a strategy to build and develop YOUR business. Completely from SCRATCH. I personally think that this is possibly the best investment available in the industry right now (?)

Availability contact

Price: £495

Classroom Learning

This eight hour course is designed to help develop those who wish to introduce or develop wedding hosting within their DJ business. From ceremony through to carriages, how to develop your business by improving your entertainment offer.

Current courses

Glasgow Village Hotel 4th January 2024

Availability currently 7 spaces. 

Course cost £350

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