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The Story So Far

Not your average Wedding Host and DJ

My DJ journey started a very long time ago in 1988. Between then and 2015 I was a very highly accomplished and award winning DJ and presenter. My journey has taken me all over the world working for some of the biggest brands and labels in clubland. I was also a founder member of the production collective 'DC Project' and for a brief period a label manager.

In preparation for leaving the late night economy I retrained as a therapist. This has been hugely valuable in my journey as a wedding host.

Seven years ago I had the honour of becoming a Wedding Host within an industry leading team. I am now regarded as one of the most established and professional contemporary Wedding Hosts in the U.K.

I am very happily married to my amazingly understanding wife Laura. We live in a small village on the outskirts of Bradford, right in the middle of Bronte country. Together we have four incredible children Henry 17, George 13, Arabella 11 and Hugo 3. I also have an older son Lewis, who is my business partner and who lives in Scotland. 

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